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nail uv lamp

চীন nail uv lamp সরবরাহকারী
nail uv lamp সরবরাহকারী

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Place of Origin: china
Application: Instructions 1, Please accord the rated voltage with the machine, or else it is easy to make the machine broken 2, Please no try to plug out the power line when the machine in work, unless you close the power switch. 3, Don`t make the water and sundr
Sample Price: Depending on the customs tariff
Category: Nail Dryer


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Product Description
42W Nail UV Lamp Product 1.UV Linght & Fan Bulit-in timer easy-to-use-control. 2.Space effcient design.

Product Feature
Description 1.Professional Ultraviolet Nail Curing Lamp. 2. With timer switch, which would be used to control the timing of UV curing. 3. Can be used with various kinds of UV products, such as UV Top Coat / UV Builder Gel / etc. 4. High quality, suitable for hands and feet. 5. Highly efficient PL UVA bulb for faster, safer and odorless curing. 6. Include 4 special lamp tubes, each one is 9W.

Product Specification/Models
42W Nail UV Lamp Product Specification Model Number X-YS-UL22 Color White Rated voltage range 110v-220v Rated power 42W Measure 275*236*110mm Time 120S Weight 1.76kg/pc

Other Information
Operation 1, Press the power switch to ON or "L", the indicator LED of time start switch is lighten. 2, Press the delay switch to 12secs, press the time start switch, all of the Ultraviolet Radiation Lamp are on, all machine in work 3, Put the band into the region of lamp, until 120secs, all of the Ultraviolet Radiation Lamp are off. At the same time, the process of dryness and sterilization are finished. 4, Press the Delay Switch to "time", Ultraviolet Radiation Lamp are on, the time is infinite. At the same time, press the power Switch to OFF or "O", the machine stop working. 5, When the Delay Switch at "time", Ultraviolet Radiation lamp work in the infinite then press the Delay switch to "120 sec", the LED lamp lighten still, but the machine will into delay estate again. The time to 120secs, the Ultraviolet Radiation lamp off. 6, Press the power switch to OFF or "O", the power closed and 120S/ the machine stop working.

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